The Que That Keeps You Moving

Shoe Laundry By QUE is a unique and innovative shoe cleaning and customization company that was founded by a young and ambitious entrepreneur named Nqobani Sibanda.

22 years old Nqobani hails from Cowdraypark, Zimbabwe and has always had a lifelong passion for shoes. This passion, coupled with his desire to give back to his community and ease the burden on his struggling mom, led him to create Shoe Laundry By QUE.

The company is based in Lublin, Poland and offers a wide range of services to their target market of youth and elderly individuals in and around the area.

These services include shoe repairs, desalination, ozonation, sneaker customization, shoe stretching, and even sole unyellowing. The goal of the company is to give shoes a longer lifespan. They collect, clean, and deliver the shoes back to their customers.

Despite facing a number of challenges such as funding, building a team, and navigating legal processes, Nqobani and his team have been able to gain support from his community and university, Vincent Pol where he is studying towards a bachelors in nursing.

For those aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Nqobani has some valuable advice: persevere, focus on your vision, and be open to input from your network. These are the key ingredients to success.

If you are looking for high-quality shoe cleaning and customization services, be sure to check out Shoe Laundry By QUE’s website at You’ll be glad you did!

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